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Mukha Casting 17-001 - Campaign Shoot for Clothing Brand

Client will be having a campaign photoshoot on August 24, 2017 and go-see is scheduled on August 4, 2017. Coverage will be billboard, press releases and social media.

Client prefers the following:

Gender: Female

Height (without shoes) : Minimum 5"6

Race: Asian (both Oriental or Malay), Mestiza, Brazilian. NO BLONDE

Please send pictures (1 each - head shot, half body and full body) and agreement below to sales@mukhafashion.com.

Height (on barefeet) :
Vital Statistics :
Contact Numbers:
( ) By placing an X inside between the parenthesis, I (hereinafter referred to as “TALENT”) authorize MUKHA MODELS (A Servus Technologies, Inc. Product) to act in my behalf and I hereby allow MUKHA MODELS to represent me for the following project, Mukha Casting -17-(001). I have read and understood the full details of the said Mukha Casting and that all personal information stated above are accurate and true. I am allowing myself to be included in the Mukha Casting procedures, which includes the sending of my pictures and personal details to the client. As part of my COMMITMENT, I will not be tardy or absent as soon as I am chosen by the client for the project.
The following are the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this commitment:
1. TALENT hereby agrees that he would be represented by MUKHA MODELS for the project and/or client and succeeding projects from the client as a result of this casting.
2. TALENT hereby agrees to cooperate with MUKHA MODELS by keeping it informed of their availability and to notify MUKHA MODELS of any emergency preventing prompt arrival. In cases of tardiness, TALENT will be deducted five percent (5%) from scheduled fee per one (1) hour of tardiness from the designated call time.
3. TALENT shall act professionally and responsibly as a representative of MUKHA MODELS before, during, and after any project provided by MUKHA MODELS. This includes not having any disrespectful attitude. If TALENT has any problem related to the project, TALENT must inform MUKHA MODELS and not the client.
4. TALENT hereby agrees that in case of TALENT’s absence or non-performance of job expectation, TALENT has the responsibility of looking for their replacement, to be approved by client, for the COMMITTED project, and payment of any penalties demanded by client from MUKHA MODELS and TALENT.


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